ISO 9001

The main value of TRANSMECANICA J.A.I within the general policy of its organisation is the quality of its products and services.

We understand that a company anaged on a quality concept basis implicitly involves certain operational guarantees, such as product quality, their suitability to the customers’ specific requirements, the meeting of delivery dates, both of the product itself and the necessary documentation, all of which are guarantees that result in customer satisfaction and, at the end of the day, this is the essential objective of our organisation.

For this reason, TRANSMECANICA J.A.I has developed a system of quality assurance that covers each and every one of its processes, including the manufacture of our entire range of products. This system was certified in accordance with ISO 9002 by L.Q.R.A in March of 1998.


Once the certification had been obtained, we understood that it was necessary for us to continue advancing within the field of quality and new strategy was developed in order to permit us to survive and grow. This was orientated still further towards satisfying customer needs, and so a deep level of self-criticism was carried out into the search for excellence in our management policies which lead to a working philosophy based on total quality, and therefore, in October 1998 we commenced along the path of continuous improvement in relation to the European EFQM. Evidently, this process involved the entire workforce and was lead by the managers of each department and headed by the Managing Director.

Thus, in 1998, we carried out the first self-evaluation process in accordance with the EFQM, a practice that continues to be systematically performed year after year. In addition to this, an external, three yearly audit is also carried out as part of the same system.

The results of all these audits and self-evaluations have lead us to occupy a firm, demonstrable position as a leading company in business management and excellence.


TRANSMECANICA J.A.I. has been evaluated by the owners group of Spanish Nuclear Plants, and is now listed as an offically approved supplier for its entire range of seals.


soldaduraTRANSMECANICA J.A.I. holds official approval from external specialist companies for all the welding procedures it carries out, and which applies to the product as well as the welders.