Spiral Wound Gaskets

The spiral wound gaskets is composed of alternate, previously shaped strips of  metal, which are continuous in a “V” shape, together with a surrounding non-metal filling material which forms it into a spiral under constant tension. It is reinforced both on the inside and the outside with no less than three layers of metal without any filling and which are electrically spot welded to provide greater stability to the gasket.

The gaskets design provides optimum characteristics for providing perfect sealing under any conditions since its flexibility make it function as a spring when subjected to pressure, thus producing an effective, non-corrosive seal. In addition, this types of gasket provides a self-adjusting seal, which means that performance will not vary, even in situations where the face surfaces are slightly worn deformed.

There are a wide range of applications for these gaskets since they are suitable for high pressures, cryogenic temperatures and temperatures of up to 1000ºc, together with the possibility of employing them with all types of corrosive and toxics fluids, depending on the chosen materials. For these reasons, it may be stated that it has universal application, with emphasis on: the petrochemical, chemical nuclear, ship-building and aeronautic industries.

The gaskets are manufactures to order or standards, with a wide range of sizes, shapes and thicknesses. The most usual combination is that of AISI 316L, with a graphite filling in thicknesses of 3.2 and 4.45 mm.



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