Solid Metal Flat Gaskets

They all have a common characteristic, that of being manufactured of solid metal. This point leads to wide variety of possibilities for various types of seal in accordance with cross section: flat, ridged, toothed (kamprofile), lenticular, O-rings etc.

Their main applications can be found in heat exchangers, reactors, valve covers, hydraulic presses and other pressurized equipment that has to support extreme conditions, since solid metal seals have very good mechanical characteristics and thermal conductivity. They show high resistance to temperature, corrosion and pressure.

It should be remembered that this type of seals is used where compressibility qualities are not required, since the actual sealing effect is produced by brute force acting on the surface of thea seal. Consequently, the seal metal should possess hardness that is inferior to that of the seating.

These seals are manufactured from a widely differing material: carbon steel, AISI 304, AISI 304L, AISI 316, AISI 316L, AISI 321, AISI 502, Alloy 400, titanium and many more.

Similarly , although their manufactured in a single piece is limited to the commercial thickness of the metal sheet, there is absolutely no limitation to dimensioning employing welding, wich is carried out using officially approved procedures by specialized external companies that are available on order from our costumers

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