Non-Metalic Flat Gaskets

Flat gaskets cut from a soft material are probably the most well-known type due to their multiple applications depending on the actual material from which they are manufactured. Among the most commonly used materials may be found the compressed materials based on aramid and organic fibres etc, mixed with various binders in order to obtain a wide range of properties. When making use of these gaskets, the fluid pressure-temperature relationship should be taken into account. In general, this type of gasket provides a good level of sealing at low temperatures and pressures. Since these materials contain polymers and due their ageing, the following conditions should be taken into consideration with regards to storage.

  • Covered storage to prevent adverse weather effects
  • They should not be exposed to sunlight
  • The relative air humidity should not be allowed to exceed 70% during more than 75% of the year.
  • The gaskets themselves should be turned upside-down approximately once every ten weeks.
  • Contact should be avoided with any element than can cut, scrape, break, scratch or knock etc

Additionally, this type of gasket may be used with other materials such as: oiled paper, presspan cardboard, ceramic fibres, felt, leather and PVC etc.

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